It’s been a little while since we shared what has been going on here at Mac Rentals, so we wanted to share out new items as we are sure these will be of use to you in the coming months…So before we rabbit on let’s get into it.

Our New Office

Setup Day at the new office

Photo taken on move in day.

First of all we wanted to share that we have a new office. We are now in Jebel Ali Industrial Area 2, so if you collect from us please make sure you visit our contact pages to get a map and our full address. We are really stoked with the new space. We had pretty much out grown Vista Tower and it was a mission to get our equipment in the elevator, we had a small prep space, it wasn’t ideal. Now we have a larger prep area, 24/7 ground floor access & lots of easy parking.

iPad Flight Cases/Charging Station

Our new iPAd fligh cases / Charging station

iPad flight case / Charging station. fits 20 x iPads

Actually we have had these for a few months now and they have been awesome! They are custom made iPad flight cases made to our specs. They also double as a really neat charging station so they will protect your hire along with keeping you more organised. These hold up to 20 iPads at a time and can all charge from 2 x 3pin plugs. We have built them in such a way, that you cannot charge them with the lid down, so they will not overheating. During charging we suggest leaving them somewhere secure. Also keep an eye on the chargers and cables…They tend to grow legs. We are really happy with the product. We had these custom made to our specs as we wanted these to help keep clients organised along while protecting their rental. For more info about our iPads Click Here.


iPad/iPhone Table Stands (with alarm)

Hire table stands with alarmWe recently took stock of some funky new iPads table stands. These look great but also have a built in alarm. They are 2 parts so it allows the iPad to be handled and then re-sit into their dock. These are awesome for product displays, or where they might be left unattended for a short time. These have built in charging, alarm, docking station, remote for the alarm and can stick onto nearly any desk. Call us for more info or a demo. We have 10 in stock and with enough notice we can get more.


Secure iPad Floor Stand/Kiosk

Hire iPad Floor stands in Dubai

These brand-able, secure iPad stands will look great at expos, conferences…well anywhere really. They will be awesome as digital signage, product display, and so much more. The can be fully branded and hold an iPad securely, which will cut down on theย fare of theft and accidental damage. We currently have 6 in white, and likely to get more as needs require. Please contact us for more info and availability.

Whatever you require, talk to us first. We have the knowledge you need, the equipment you want and the service to rely on.

Talk soon,

Hayden & John