We recently teamed up with our friends at DAS Event to create a solution for displaying speaker names and event logos within onstage speaker comfort/coffee tables.

The challenge we were faced with was we had to create a dynamic solution, that would allow for last minute changes in speakers and the ability to move the speakers names around in case someone sat in the wrong seat. We also needed to create something that was cost effective and didn’t require a long lead time creating a bespoke application.

To achieve this we adapted a pre-existing screen application that we ran from a central control laptop and would sync with the screens through a cloud based interface via a Wi-Fi connection.

As predicted, there were plenty of last minute changes and speakers that mistakenly sat down incorrectly. The solution worked amazingly well. We were able to upload new speaker names within a few minutes and being cloud based we had the ability to change the order of the names in a few seconds.

We used iPads on this occasion, however we have the ability to connect to nearly any monitor or screen. From computer monitors & T.V. screens to projectors & LED Screens.

It also works with a number of other apps and formats, so you can play videos, social feeds, images, plus more. With the use of playlists you can mix any of the above media feeds as well.

This solution has multiple uses, here are a few ideas:

  • Digital Name Slates
  • Information Screens
  • Digital Event Signage
  • Social Feeds
  • Way Finding
  • Advertising Screens
    and more…

With the ability to change the screen information from one central point, it gives so much more freedom to digital displays. No more running around with USB sticks or fitting through small gaps in sets and exhibition stands to change the content. We simply login on a web browser and update the content.

If you would like more information and want to inquire about cost please get in touch.