Rent Phone & Tablet Charging Lockers/Stations Kiosks

Don’t Let Your Guests and Delegates Battery Run Flat at your events! Whether it’s a trade show, exhibition, conference, sporting event, concert product launch or promotion, rent a cell phone & tablet charging station.

These charging lockers will boost attendee satisfaction, increase footfall, improve guest retention, help you engage customers and build more business leads.

With 8 secure fast charging lockers your guests will power up in no time if they are low on battery. They are easy to use and look great. With a 19″ LCD screen for videos & photos to showcase your brand, message and offer. They can also be fully branded with a graphic wrap to create a customised look.

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Rent Phone Charging Stations - Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE
Secure Login Charging Locker

Secure Lockers

Users are able to gain access to their personal charging locker by entering a pin code of their choice on the touch screen. The screen has a 3M Privacy coating to help keep their code private adding another layer of security. Once they enter a password a locker will open which has a selection of charging cables including Apple lighting, USB-C and Micro USB. To open again users enter their password to regain access to their phone. If users forget their password we can enter the admin page and unlock this without their password, either onsite or remotely if connected to WiFi.

Secure Lockers

8 secure pin code lockers ensures your guests are able to leave their phone charging safely.

Fast Charging

Need charge in a hurry? No worries, these lockers have fast chargers so your guests will be powered up in no time.

Custom Branding

Custom branding is available for your event, business, or sponsors using the 19″ LCD Display and custom brand wrapping.

Remote Login

Guest forgotten their password? It happens, however we can login remotely and unlock their locker with the admin only login

The perfect addition at your next sporting event, conference, meeting, trade show, exhibition or promotion.

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