Show time at Lynx AwardsOnce again supporting Accent Events with the Lynx Festival of Creativity and Awards. This is our 3 year supplying and working with Accent. We supplied the Macs for control and ran Q-lab for the awards stings. Over 200 cues in my deck for the show!! Considering my first ever cue was 1 x playback of the little Spanish Flea when I was 11 years old in a school show…Now over 20 years on, I’m still hitting cues…and loving it! It’s one hell of a rush waiting to start a show! Then hearing, Go Q-Lab….I feel chills sitting here writing this.

Thanks again to Mel @ Accent, and all the crew that worked hard to pull of a seamless show. Stocked I can share in the success.

Lynx 2017 – Dubai Madinat