Our new iPAd fligh cases / Charging stationI showed these to another audiovisual colleague and his comment was “owww, NICE!!”. We are stocked with them. These were custom made for us to our specs. They hold up to 20 iPads and they have a secure lid that keeps them safe. They also double as an awesome charging station. Plug in the chargers and you can charge them while staying tidy. We currently have 5 of them so we can store up to 100 iPads, however very likely we will get more as need requires. We have seen a few other flight cases around Dubai for iPads, but nothing as slick as there.

Wait I hear you say…What about the added weight, aren’t they hard to move? Well don’t worry we have added wheels and a handle to you can move these around really easy. So now our iPads are kept safe in transportation and secure onsite. It also makes it easier for you to charge multiple iPads at once while not creating a complete mess / cable disaster. We all know that events are all about being organised, and these are bound to help you on your next show.