Working in events can be stressful. It’s often hard to stay on top of everything and keep organised. With looming deadlines, long hours & being away from the office, tasks can easily escape you when you lease expect it. So we assembled this guide for essential apps to help the event professional. These will save you time, keep you organised and help you deliver outstanding events.

Super Planner

Super Planner Event Planning AppSuper Planner is the multi tool app for event managers. It provides a vast tool kit and is designed to help you in all aspects of the planning and delivery process. You can plan venue capacity, staffing, staging, AV requirements, and loads of useful tips. This app will help you from over crowding your venue; keep you on track with your budget; help calculate catering; ensure you staff your event correctly; and so much more. Use this app to help you plan to perfection.

My Measures Pro

My Measures iPad & iPhone appThis is the best app to have at a site visit. It allows you to take pictures of the venue, then annotate the photo with arrows, dimensions, angles and text comments. You can then share all the details with the rest of the production team allowing them to see the proposed event area. A huge help for your own workflow, requesting quotes from suppliers and to help your technical team. It will save additional site visits and will keep everything organised.


Dropbox AppDropbox is by far the easiest way of keeping the entire event team organised. We have tried other online drive options such as google docs, SugarSync and IDrive. Where there are pros and cons to all, Dropbox is by far the best way to keep your event documents organised. Share folders with everyone from your designers, technical team, external supplies and clientele. You can grant different levels of access to each person to ensure sensitive information is protected.

Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro is the best way of keeping all your hard file documents organised. Quickly scan to make a digital version of any paper document, save it to your device or into a cloud folder, then share it with a colleague or your team. Keep record of all your expenses, delivery notes, and other important documents you might require. Never again have that sinking feeling of losing a receipt or important document.

Guest List & Event Check in | zkipster – Snafflz

Event Checkin & Guest List managementGuest List & Event Management Software – Zkipster & Snafflz #1 Event Check-in Guest List Manager are the 2 best apps for managing your guest list. Both packed with features these will help keep your guest list organised. Maximize your guests experience by minimizing queues and delays at check in. Upload the guests list, make last minute additions, sync seamlessly over all devices, and track how many guests have arrived. After the event share the final guest attendance with your team and clients.


pinterest for creative event ideasLooking for some creative ideas? Need to quickly put together a mood board for a pitch? Need to give a supplier style inspiration? Pinterest is the world’s catalog of ideas. Find and save ideas & inspiration, then share & collaborate with your team.  Search for ideas from all around the world. Perfect for finding images of food, costumes, table settings, stages, lighting, video projection, special effects and so much more.


Waze GPS NavigationWaze is the best GPS navigation, map & traffic app we have come across. It’s google maps turbo charged. It will not only show you how to get from A – B, it will also divert you around traffic to ensure you don’t lose time. Waze can also find you the closest petrol station, coffee shop, restaurant and takeaway store. It’s also perfect for sharing your location with other members of your team & suppliers.


asanaFrom chaos to clarity, Asana will help you manage tasks, projects & conversations with ease from start to finish. This powerful project management tool allows you to see progress at a glance, turns conversations into actionable tasks, helps schedule meetings, tracks project developments and more. Increase your workflow by creating tasks, to-dos, reminders, and requests from anywhere in the app.