Duabi Beach Soccer Event 2016Our Mac’s were the Stars really…They ran the show flawlessly. This is the third year we have supplied the Macs that run the show and designed the Keynote presentation. We also run Q-lab for the walkup stings and tracks. The Keynote is very video heavy so we put the Macbook retina on as they make short work of large files. Q-lab was run from a Macbook Pro and backed up with a 21″ iMac. The 21″ was mainly there because it was a nicer machine to design the show on.

This really is a fun show to work on however it has some challenges. As with a lot of events we didn’t get the content until late and then there were lots of updates to the videos. This is why we prefer to run Keynote as we can make fast changes. It was broadcast live on TV so we had to be sure the tech worked first time. Our Macs took it apart!!